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Download Speed Bandwidth *Promo Price Reg. Price
         5Mbps         200GB         $69.99*         $79.99
       10Mbps         200GB         $69.99*         $79.99
       25Mbps         400GB         $79.99*         $99.99
       25Mbps         500GB         $89.99*         $109.99

*Promo Price applies for first 12 months
Additional data is charged at $2/GB
Upload speed 1Mbps
One time Installation Fee of $49 on a 24 month contract 
Lifetime warranty on equipment 

Download Speed Bandwidth *Promo Price Reg. Price
        10Mbps          50GB          $69.99*         $79.99
        10Mbps          100GB        $79.99*         $99.99

*Promo Price applies for first 12 months
Additional data is charged at $2/GB 
Upload speed 1Mbps
One time Installation Fee of $99 on a 24 month contract
Lifetime warranty on equipment

A $50 fee is charged for a site survey. This fee is fully refundable if installation of Xplornet service is performed on the same day as the site survey and customer subscribes to Xplornet service for a minimum of 45 days.


Receivers      1x DSR   2x DSR     3x DSR  
                      800        800's       800's  

Cash & Carry   $150       $300       $450
Bill Credit        $150       $300       $450      
Net Pricing    $0 Net     $0 Net     $0 Net
Install Fee      1 Free     2 Free     3 Free


Receivers    1x PVR  1x PVR 830   2x PVR     
                     830   +1DSR 800      830

Cash & Carry  $300        $450        $600         
Bill Credit       $300        $450        $500                 
Net Pricing    $0 Net     $0 Net    $100 Net    
Install Fee     2 Free      2 Free      2 Free            

Promotional Programming Credit  
Extra Small Package w/Pick 5- $39.99 for the first 6 months (Reg. $59)
Small Package w/Pick 15- $44.99 for the first 6 months (Reg. $69)
Medium Package w/Pick 30- $49.99 for the first 6 months (Reg. $86)
Large Package w/Pick 8- $74.99 for the first 6 months (Reg. $111)
Regionalized 'May We Suggest' Channel Lists available for Pick Packs for those who are unsure of what to choose

*New customers are entitled to two free PPV/VOD movies. These expire after ninety days if unused. *Free install on the first two receivers. To install a HD Receiver or a PVR after the initial installation included is $49.99 per HD Receiver and $99.99 per PVR. *The promotional credit is limited to one per new customer and is applied to the first bill. The credit can be used towards programming or any potential installation fees. *The discounted programming over six months is specific to the focus package, as outlined above. *Installation of the dish, LNF, and receiver(s) is free. *Seasonal hold available. *Multiple receiver fee of $5.99/month applicable *Please see in store for more details or call 403-782-9440

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