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Download Speed Bandwidth *Promo Price Reg. Price
         5Mbps          50GB          FREE*       $64.99
       10Mbps         200GB         FREE*       $74.99
       25Mbps         300GB         FREE*       $84.99
       25Mbps         500GB         FREE*      $109.99

*Promo Price applies for first 2 months
Additional data is charged at $2/GB
Upload speed 1Mbps
One time Installation Fee of $99 on a 24 month contract 
Lifetime warranty on equipment 

Download Speed Bandwidth   Reg. Price
         5Mbps             25GB         $64.99
         10Mbps           50GB         $74.99
         10Mbps           100GB       $99.99

*Promo price applies to the first two months

Additional data is charged at $2/GB 
Upload speed 1Mbps
One time Installation Fee of $99 on a 24 month contract
Lifetime warranty on equipment

A $50 fee is charged for a site survey. This fee is fully refundable if installation of Xplornet service is performed on the same day as the site survey and customer subscribes to Xplornet service for a minimum of 45 days.

Why choose shaw direct?

To start with, we offer a number of hardware and programming credits, as seen in the chart below. On the move? No problem! Anywhere you can access the internet you can also utilize the Free Range TV feature, which allows you to watch programming from anywhere in Canada, on almost any device and is included in any subscription of $42 a month. With over 215 high definition channels and over 490 channels, you can enjoy all of them on any of our new receivers - all of which are HD, 3D, MPEG-4 and 1080p compatible. Any package over $30 also includes the Stingray Music Channels, and with three different ways to order PPV content, you're sure to find the content you want, when you want it.

Want your service in more than one location? No problems! Try our Home & Away option and enjoy Shaw Direct in two different places at a discounted monthly rate. Alternatively, for the vacationer, try our Shaw One Vacation; it's designed for people looking to have Shaw Cable & Shaw Direct in seperate locations like a vacation home and lake proeprty, with packages starting at $30 a month. Another great thing about Shaw Direct is that there is no contract. You can cancel or suspend your service any time. Just call in to customer care to speak with a representative, all of whom are in canada. 

With three satellites in orbit over North America and the highest satellite customer satisfaction nationwide, spread the word and tell a friend. You get one month of free programming when you refer a friend at Shawdirect.ca/refer!



Boxes        1x DSR  2x DSR 1x HD  1x DSR 630 2x DSR
                     600     600’s   PVR   +1x DSR600  630

Cash & Carry$149.99$299.99 $249.99 $399.99 $499.98
Bill Credit        $150     $300    $250      $350     $250
Net Pricing   $0 Net  $0 Net  $0  Net $49 Net $249 Net
Promotional   Digital Advantage West Package - $49.99
Programming      for the first 12 months (Reg. $63.00)
Credit                  Or Western Life Package - $59.99
                          for the first 12 months (Reg. $80.99)

*New customers are entitled to two free PPV/VOD movies. These expire after ninety days if unused. *Free install on the first two receivers. To install a DSR 600 or a PVR 630 after the first two is $49.99 per DSR 600 and $99.99 per PVR 630. *The promotional credit is limited to one per new customer and is applied to the first bill. The credit can be used towards programming or any potential installation fees. *The discounted programming over six months is specific to the focus package, as outlined above. *Installation of the dish, LNF, and receiver(s) is free. *Seasonal hold available. *Multiple receiver fee of $5.99/month applicable *Please see in store for more details or call 403-782-9440